Apparel Projects



Tunbridge Worlds Fair

The Tunbridge Worlds Fair is full of fun and competition. Every year they do new apparel designs to keep it fresh and exciting. Working with the Worlds Fair team is always a blast. They come in with so much positive energy it is impossible not to be excited to work on their apparel. 



The new age of apparel printing gives your the freedom to go crazy. The best experience so far was working with the Upper Pass softball team to make their beer can graphics into an eye catching jersey design.  Everyone is always so excited to see the finished product with this fully customizable apparel process. I have only scratched the surface of what can be done with this technology. I can't wait to continue exploring the world of sublimation style printing. 


Screen Prints

Screen printing for me started as a fascination and quickly turned into an opportunity. While in college I interned at North East Promotion and Apparel. After moving out of Massachusetts I found another job working for Top Stitch Embroidery. Screen printing has opened many doors for me and it will always be my favorite printing process. 



Learning to control embroidery is like learning a new language. Just when you think it's right it laughs back in your face. Machines have a mind of their own and controlling them takes practice and patience. After many months of hard work and getting better everyday I am confident in my skills. I am excited to continue this journey and learning more as I go. 


Freelance Projects

The Mindful Balance

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An up and coming personal trainer wanted a logo that represented balance and strength to portray her company. The idea behind the logo is to show off the trainers ability to balance your workout and eating habits to fit your lifestyle. The project included business cards, a letterhead, and website. (see link)


Client Review

From the very beginning Alec helped me turn my Blog into a Business. He was basically starting from scratch as I had no direction for the project or any ideas other than my name "The Mindful Balance". Besides the logo, he also turned the blog into a functioning website. Alec always offered me advice and his professional opinion but when I wanted to differ from his ideas he allowed me to do so and was still able to make it aesthetically pleasing. If I had ended up with any other designer I don't think I could have ever portrayed both strength and balance in one image, while still including my own personal touches. I could not be happier with his work, and his continued excitement and enthusiasm to help grow my business.

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Mark D. Girouard

A great photographer starting a new chapter is his career needed a refreshing look to take his business to the next level. He wanted something that showed off his love for the great outdoors yet kept things simple and new. We came up with a style that fit him perfectly for his business cards and letter head and also made an adaptable website to sell his photos and his services. 

(See link)

Client Review

I had been planning my photography website for close to a year. During that time, I looked at several website templates and various graphic designers. 

I chose Al Zbikowski because of his knowledge, artistic talents, and his quick responses to my many questions.With out Al I'm sure I would still be scratching my head. Instead, my site is up and running, and it's generating more income than I had previously expected. I can't recommend Al enough. Don't wait too long to call him, as I'm sure someone with his talent will be very busy!!!

Lloyd's Market Place Menu Boards

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Other Projects

Keene State Sodexo Dinning Commons  

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Working with the Sodexo team was a great challenge and I love every project that came across my desk. I couldn't ask for a better team to help push my work. The largest of the projects was the Lloyd's menu which took many turns along the way as we developed the design. I am very happy with the final results. The orange and yellow entry way banners was a major project that came together very quickly and successfully to meet a short deadline. I loved to hear people comment on these projects as I walked the halls of the dinning common.

Client Review

From Suzanne Becker, Unit Marketing Coordinator:

Alec was a huge asset to our team and always knew how to run with our ideas.  He was adept at taking them to the next level, more detailed than we envisioned. He was invested in every project we asked of him and were very pleased with his work. Highly recommended


From Rebecca Hunt, Marketing Manager:

Alec understands that clients have a goal and vision for the work he does and he was able to translate ours visually and creatively. His ability is not only in his design skills, but also in his capacity to realize his client’s goals and visions in his designs.  He’s also a pretty cool guy!

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Redfern Arts Center

Getting the job with the Redfern Arts Center was an amazing honor. I loved working with all the different professors throughout the semester. The students had great ideas and interpreting their plays into posters was a lot of fun. Being able to see my work hanging up around campus with a real purpose made all my hard work finally feel real. Capturing the ideas of others is my true passion and I can't wait to continue doing it throughout my career. 

College Projects

Aqua Vault

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 The strength of an army built into a box. The army men work hard to protect your valuables so you don't have to. Aqua Vault is a real company that became successful after appearing on shark tank. 

I redesigned their logo and ad campaign in my graphics 3 class to incorporate more playful and attention grabbing elements.   

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Kleenex Ad

This is an ad I created in class for the Kleenex tissue brand playing off the times you wouldn't want to be caught without a tissue. Keep a Kleenex on you and it will snot happen again. 

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Fahrenheit 451

During my sophmore year at Keene State I redesigned the cover for this novel. I really enjoyed working with this book and being hands on. I did many tests burning paper to get the right look for the story.

Fermented 5

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Working with friends and family to brew beer is always a great time. My dad and his friends have a great crew to brew. They brought me into the brewing world and I have been hooked since. These designs are inspired by the idea that the freshest way to drink beer is straight from the tap. I wanted these labels to represent how they drink beer. From the brew to the keg to the cup is the best way to drink it.

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BBQ & BREW Magazine

This project began as a brochure for a BBQ and BREW event. I enjoyed the concept so much that I decided to expand the idea into a full magazine.

Play Grounded

Inner cities are covered with amazing street art but if caught it comes at a price. Many kids catch a bad rep because of their inspiring artwork. In an attempt to keep their good name I have created a way to fix rundown playgrounds and allow the kids to go crazy with art. This is just an idea now but I hope one day it will become a reality. 

X Actly

This typeface with sharp edges and angles is built to make typographical constructs large and small. Cut like an x-acto blade, X Actly will make any work look sharp.

Stars n stogies logo

Stars with Stogies

After working hands on with photo and object collage in printmaking I was inspired to create more. Working with some of my hobbies I decided to blend cigars, cards and movies. I chose famous actors I felt represented the feeling and culture well. Sit down spark up and deal them out.

Logo Board

This is a small collection of the many logos I have created during my career. Some are for real companies and others are for companies I have made up.